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BJ and HJ in Shimbashi / Hamamatsucho area?

Discussion in 'Esute/Pink Salon/Massage Reviews' started by Hellodesu, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hellodesu

    Hellodesu TAG Member

    All -Thanks in advance for your help. Is there anywhere to get a good BJ and/or HJ in the Shimbashi / Hamamatsucho area? Shimbashi seems like a busy area but I've not had any luck finding a good BJ. If not there - what's best closest alternative and are they open during daylight hours. Bbbj preferred greatly but me thinks unlikely around there...

    Ui have rtff but have come up (PUN!) empty
  2. fireman

    fireman TAG Member

    The main fuzoku area is south of the Karasumori exit, running down the west side of the Yamanote tracks. There are touts at night but you are unlikely to have anyone invite you in during the day. You can see it on street view here.


    I can't say which of these places might be gaijin-friendly though.

    FWIW, there is a Thai massage place in this building:


    I have been there twice; one time the lady offered a HJ for a surcharge, the other time the lady started working on my balls but refused to do a HJ and indicated that I should self-service. The latter happened to me at another Thai place in Shinbashi as well, so it's quite hit-or-miss.
  3. Hellodesu

    Hellodesu TAG Member

    Thanks very much - this is helpful. I was there last night and it's filled with massaji girls who are NOT attractive. Mainly Chinese and Korean girls.... All the Cute Japanese girls were focused on their ketai....
  4. fireman

    fireman TAG Member

    I was just in Shinbashi and stumbled upon the local mother lode of massage places. New Shinbashi Building, 2F (the huge building on the south side of the plaza with the steam train). Practically the whole floor is full of Asian masseuses (Thai, Chinese, etc) and all of them were hustling me as I walked through, many speaking English or something vaguely like it. There is also a fashion health up there that advertises having only Japanese girls, though not sure whether it would be gaijin-friendly.

    The rest of the building is full of relatively nondescript shops, restaurants and offices so I was surprised to discover that it had a fuuzoku floor all this time...
  5. akazoroe

    akazoroe TAG Member

    Nice find fireman....any idea on prices?
    Seems like rent would be high in that bldg.
  6. Pokawari

    Pokawari TAG Member

    Not the "mother lode"

    The places on 2F in New Shimbashi are massage only. Believe me I've tried. There is one place w/local girls that includes HJ - forget the name - but like as not, depending on the tencho at the time, you won't be allowed in as a foreigner.

    YMMV but don't get your hopes up.