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gaijin friendly escorts

Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by supergaijin, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. supergaijin

    supergaijin TAG Member

    I have posted samething yesterday

    listings of gaijin friendly japanese local escort agencies.

    [Link Removed]

    webmaster have removed URL on my other post

    compare the price & quality of escorts much better deal in here
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  2. TokyoSpirit

    TokyoSpirit TAG Moderator

    As I explained to you before, you must follow the rules here if you want to post a site like that.

    You seem to be the owner and/or have a financial interest in that site.
  3. Xeryu

    Xeryu TAG Member

    hey super-idiot-gaijin... go screw off somewhere else.

    can't you guys just ban him?
  4. TokyoSpirit

    TokyoSpirit TAG Moderator

    I'm having a bit of fun with him. If he doesn't stop, then I'll have no choice.. Karen will come chasing me with a stick. :p