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Soapland In Shibuya

Discussion in 'Questions, Answers & Warnings' started by Mister Roboto, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Mister Roboto

    Mister Roboto Squirrel looking 4 a nut

    Hey guys,

    I was walking around Shibuya this weekend and I could not help notice a Soapland right behind a big Koban (police box) towards the Tokyo Hands Dep't Store. It's on a triangle part of the intersection. Is that place Gaijin friendly and what's up with it being right behind the police station?
  2. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer TAG Member

    It makes it easier for their customers to find them, maybe? Soap lands aren't illegal per se...though it is rumored that illegal things sometimes happen in soaplands. :D

  3. frenchhorny

    frenchhorny TAG Member

    Gaijin friendly?
  4. AKB69

    AKB69 TAG Member

    If it was クリスタル (Cristal) they dont let gaijins in
  5. k1234k

    k1234k TAG Member

    The basement of Crystal is Strawberry Jam, a very friendly place for Gaijin, I believe.
  6. AKB69

    AKB69 TAG Member

    Es corretto

    I was in Strawberry Jam last week n posted a thread about it u mite like to read :)
  7. Sudsy

    Sudsy TAG Member

    That would be Kadoebi. They're a legal and licensed establishment, so no reason for them not to be next to a koban.

    They are off and on with foreigner friendliness, more off than on lately.
  8. Whoissalmon

    Whoissalmon TAG Member

    Crystal seems to be right upstairs from Strawberry Jam, indeed.

    But where is Kadoebi's Shibuya establishment? Their website seems a bit cryptic concerning locations, but is it this place? They seem to be quite a big chain.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2014
  9. Sudsy

    Sudsy TAG Member

    That's the one - the big red and white sign above says "KADOEBI" - lit. "corner shrimp".

    Map for each shop in their chain is on the "system" page for that shop: http://shibuya.kadoebi.co.jp/system/
  10. meiji

    meiji TAG Moderator

    This isn't a review, so I moved it to Q&A.
  11. brownshoesdon'tmakeit

    brownshoesdon'tmakeit TAG Member

    Before Kadoebi took over management, that place behind the koban used to be very gaijin friendly and provided the same service as NYNY/Champs in Ueno. We're talking over 20 years ago now. That was when センター街had a couple of very decent BJ parlors. Oh the memories.
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