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John Chavers

By Jove, you couldn't make this shit up

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    "I have zero friends" -- TokyoBlowJob
    "You are a funny guy" --TAGmin
    "Some of the agency escorts I think resemble river trolls get amazing reviews" --Goiter the Mensch
    "I'd argue that you are very much getting a Japanese experience going to the hub" --TheManOfNoStandardsMeiji
    "If I had to suck that guy's dick fifty plus times I would change my name and move to another store." --deckard
    "After a visit at Mermaid, some may turn gay in shock. Trust me, the place is a dump" -- Babaram
    "This means that even a cunninlingus can become deadly IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES" -- Bakayarokun
    "The mind boggles at the amount of regular sex the people on this forum would be having by now if they just listened to John Chavers." --SpookySmoothie
    "only the girls looking like they are homeless do that for 5000" --User#8628
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