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TAG Account Management Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish a uniform standard for the administration of member accounts that facilitate access to the Tokyo Adult Guide and related business sites. An account, at minimum, consists of a user ID and a password; supplying account information will grant access to some set of services and resources. This policy establishes standards for issuing accounts, creating password values, and managing accounts.

Scope of Management:

This policy is applicable to those responsible for the management of user accounts or access to shared information. Such information can be held within a database, application or shared file space. This policy covers all accounts registered in the Tokyo Adult Guide website and related business sites.


Accounts that access electronic information resources require effective oversight. The following security precautions should be a part of account management:

Part A: Account Creation

1.       The owners of Tokyo Adult Guide data shall make decisions regarding access to their respective data.


2.       The Tokyo Adult Guide shall issue a unique account to each individual authorized to access any information resource. It is also responsible for the prompt deactivation of accounts when necessary, i.e., accounts for individuals shall be disabled or revoked from the relative system when continued access is no longer required or permitted.

3.       When establishing accounts, the standard security principles of “least required access” to perform a function must always be used, where administratively feasible. Normal Tokyo Adult Guide accounts that are issued to members are granted the most basic level of access once their identity by email address has been confirmed.

4.       The identity of users must be authenticated prior to access being granted. The automated process is used in this case, to verify the email address, which then will allow the first level of access. In addition, it is required that stricter levels of authentication be used for those accounts with privileged access.

5.       The date when the account was created should be recorded in an audit log or captured electronically. Presently, all Tokyo Adult Systems are equipped with audit logging and all account activities are recorded in detail.

6.       All managers of accounts with privileged access to Tokyo Adult Guide data must sign a Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement Form that is kept in the Tokyo Adult Guide physical files.


Part B: Managing Accounts

1.       All members of the Tokyo Adult Guide are permitted to have one valid account. Accounts that remain valid, must maintain a valid email address. Accounts found to have invalid, temporary or fake email address will be followed-up by management and subsequently disabled or revoked if there is no response from the account holder.

2.       All Tokyo Adult Guide accounts shall periodically audited by management to ensure compliance with the account management policy. Additionally, members granted special access privileges will be evaluated more closely to ensure that those special access rights are still appropriately assigned.

3.       Secondary accounts for special purposes may be requested by members who have special needs. A formal request in writing to Tokyo Adult Guide support should be filed before any new account is created.

Part C: Shared Accounts

1.       Shared accounts without prior authorization are not permitted.


Part D: Password or Passphrase Reset Procedures

1.       Automated password or passphrase resets are available and may be utilized for general password resets. Members who have forgotten their ID or registered email address must contact Tokyo Adult Guide support to request account access restoration.

2.       Passwords or passphrases must be reset over an encrypted tunnel (SSL, VPN or SSH, etc.). Presently, all Tokyo Adult Guide systems enforce the usage of HTTPS (SSL), VPN or SSH depending on the system where a password resets by automated tool are permitted.

3.       Privileged accounts are required to use 2FA (two factor authentication) for all systems that hold sensitive data. These types of accounts may only be reset via telephone or face-to-face to support.

4.       Password or passphrase change events are recorded in the related system audit and activity logs.

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