TAG Email Processing

A description of our email system and rules related to processing of messages.

As stated in the past, TAG requires a valid email address for membership but we absolutely DO NOT release, sell or otherwise disseminate your email address to ANYONE.

The only valid emails being sent from TAG at this time are as follows:

*Mail from Management: Karen or Myself (Includes replies from Helpdesk requests)
*Registration Email - Confirmation of your valid email address.
*Email Address Changes - Confirmation of your email address when you change it,.
*Password Resets (Lost Passwords)
- Two Factor Authentication - Required messages to implement or use two-factor authentication.
- Private Message Notification - Default is ON, but can be disabled in your user control panel.
- Watched Thread Notification - When you reply to a message, you have choice to 'Watch' that thread with or WITHOUT email notifications.
- Watched Forum Notification - When you 'Watch' a forum, emails are sent to notify you of a new thread. (Again, you can choose email, alerts or none at all)
*Approval/Rejection Notices - Where applicable, you may receive a response via email for certain moderator approval/reject actions.
*Login Failure Notices - When your account received login attempts that fail more than four (4) times, a notice is dispatched to let you know that the attempts were made. (Added February 2017)

If you receive any of the above messages, please do NOT mark them as Junk or Spam. Please disable email notification via your control panel. (Some critical messages cannot be stopped, marked with * above.)

Since the beginning, we DO NOT send out broadcast emails to all members. However, we may enable a weekly email (opt-in ONLY) that shows the top content for each week for people that want to see the most popular content on a weekly basis.

If you get any suspicious emails that claim to be from TAG, please notify us immediately. Contact us via the helpdesk email address (helpdesk@tokyoadultguide.com) or forward the offending message to abuse@tokyoadultguide.com. TAG has enabled DMARC email management which help to reduce or completely remove forged emails with our domain name. DKIM and other tools are also enabled to ensure that we combat any abuse of our domain or email handlers. We take the management of email addresses very seriously, we appreciate your understanding. 

Current valid email addresses for TAG support:

tagpostmaster@tokyoadultguide.com -- All automated mail comes from here. (non-human account)
manager@tokyoadultguide.com -- My direct email, only I read and answer this address.
membership@tokyoadultguide.com -- Karen's email address to handle account issues.
helpdesk@tokyoadultguide.com -- Incoming mail only, no outgoing mail.
support@tokyoadultguide.com -- Incoming/Outgoing Mail for Support Request Handling (Added January 2017)
abuse@tokyoadultguide.com - RFC 2142 Compliance Requirement (receive ONLY)
postmaster@tokyoadultguide.com - RFC 2142 Compliance Requirement (receive ONLY)

These addresses (outbound ones) can be safely white listed. 

The purpose for data collection on TAG is to identify problems, determine how to improve our services and to monitor the overall data flow. We do collect visit data like all sites, which we use as performance metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

All services operated by TAG are done so with service providers that have completed SOC1, SOC2 and/or SOC3 attestations. (As well as ISO27001 for ISMS) [About Each SOC Report, By AICPA] TAG itself has developed its own internal controls and given the size of our staff, we have very granular control over what happens and by whom.

In closing, the overall point of this message to our members and guests is that we take TAG seriously and we aim to provide a high level of service and availability with the comfort in knowing that we are not just a skimpy operation that disregards industry standards in operation of an electronic information service.

Thank you for reading and please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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    Sep 15, 2022
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