Reasons for Rejection (Automated)

The following page describes situations where your account request may have been automatically rejected.
Your attempted registration on this site was rejected by an automated security rule. We urge you to contact to get personalized assistance in your specific case, if the explanations below do not match your situation.

You are most likely being rejected for one of a few reasons:

1) You are using a VPN*/Proxy/Tor or other blacklisted network service that has a negative reputation for illegal or other unsavory activities. (Spam, fraud, malicious activities with in intent to cause harm)

2) You are using a temporary/junk email address. (If your email domain appears at Stop Forum Spam, then you will be blocked automatically)
[Note: There is a rejection procedure in place for domains that do not meet a certain age requirement or if they fail validation through]

3) We will REJECT any account where the member name contains ANY part of the private email address. (i.g. Member Name: japanisnumberone / Email:

*iCloud Private Relay is also not supported on this site, we do not guarantee that access will be available to those users.
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    Apr 26, 2023
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