Reasons for Account Rejection

TAG maintains a strict policy on email management as it is a key component of our member accounts. Your account may be rejected for one of the following reasons as noted below.

1. You included part of your email address as your member name. This is a privacy issue and is not permitted. It would be inappropriate to expose any part of your private email address on the public facing side of the site. Thus, if your email address is, your member name cannot include the prefix, "joeqpublic".

2. You were using a temporary email address from some form of throwaway email provider, these are simply not permitted. Using such an address does not allow a member to use automatic account management features such as password resets, message notifications or 2FA security tools.

3. You have an existing valid account. Members are not permitted to operate more than one singular account. There is no reason for one member to operate more than one account here. This is in place to prevent spam, scammers & those who are just trying to conduct illicit activities against the membership.

4. Email accounts created from new domains are considered high-risk. Therefore, when the protocol directs it, an age check is done on the email domain to determine the creation date of the domain (not the email address).

Rejected accounts are cleaned out on an automated basis and you may try again once the account has been cleared. We do not retain those accounts that were rejected, so record keeping is very minimal in that regard. If you experience repeated issues, we urge you to open a support ticket by contacting in order to figure out what the issue is.

Issue #1 described above is the most common issue - we ask that you pay attention to account security and not use any real information in the member name field. (We think this is obvious, but please do not use your real name, company name or any part of a private email address.)
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    Oct 2, 2023
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