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    Nozoki Madonna - Into The Groove

    I had some younger girl there, cute but so robotic with her handjob that I couldn't finish in time. They let me stay for 3 more min to wank myself off but I feel like the extra service here is not worth it. It's fine as a peep show.
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    Jan Jan (PS) Jan Jan - First BBW experience with Yuki

    Title of Your Review: Jan Jan - First BBW experience with Yuki Service Name: Jan Jan Provider Name: Yuki Website/Contact Info: Appointment Length & Costs: 4000 yen/30 min Booking Method: Walk-In Date of Encounter: November 2012 Location: Other...
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    [Korea] Blue Moon Anma - Yoona

    Maybe, but they aren't really useful. Just request what you want when you're there and hopefully you get lucky
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    Seoul: status of the Hill Feb 2023

    I had a quick look last week and there was just the one shop actively looking for customers. The rest of the places that looked busy were all trans bars. I imagine there are a lot of them that have closed up shop.
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    First impression with Australia

    Brothels and AMPs are good value in Sydney as long as you like Asians and aren't in it for the conversation. Ginza has some seriously hot girls.
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    [Korea] Blue Moon Anma - Yoona

    Title of Your Review: Blue Moon Anma - Yoona Service Name: Blue Moon Anma Provider Name: Yoona Website/Contact Info: Country/City Name: Seoul, South Korea Appointment Length & Costs: W290,000/1 hour Booking Method: Walk-In Date of Encounter: August 2023 Location...
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    Seoul nights: Anma and hyugetel

    Nice, I think I'll give Blue Moon a go. Hopefully there's a lineup?
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    Osaka Area Club Amour - Kanon

    Service and/or Provider's Name: Club Amour - Kanon Date of Encounter: December 2019 Contact Method: Walk in Appointment Length & Costs: 50 minutes / 17,000¥ Type/Location: Osaka (Namba) Language Notes: No English Details of the Encounter: First time poster. In Osaka for a couple of...