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    Building Confidence with Potemayo from Mada Nametakute Gakuen

    oh nice, that's Aqua from Sen-Di-Kiwami. cool deal.
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    Aqua - Evangelist of sexual extremity ver. Takumi] in Ikebukuro

    Service and/or Provider's Name: Aqua | Date of Encounter: August 2022 Contact Method: telephone Appointment Length & Costs: 75 mins / 36k JPY Type/Location: Home visit Language Notes: Japanese (brokenly) Details of the...
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    Gotanda street action - two experiences

    My Gotonda Go-To was Maruhi Densetsu but since the pandemic they adopted a no-foreigner policy which seems to extend beyond Johns to non-JP girls on staff.
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    AM Asian Mystique - Miyabi

    I'm doubly interested in this too. Of the AM girls, I can confirm Rio only.
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    IND Yuriko - Adapt, Improvise, Overcome :)

    Quoted cracked me up. Thanks for the review.
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    AM Nice Time With Rio From Am

    Thanks for reviewing. She certainly gets an A+ in the head department.
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    IND Manami - The Goddess Of Tokyo

    I so love this analogy and think we have all felt this one point or the other. Thanks for the great review and nice to see a fellow monger walk away a brand new man :).
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    AM Yuna Of Am

    @loulou_fisher This review (and another) of Yuna has piqued my interest in checking out her BJ skills. thanks for the post.
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    AM Mako Of Am

    thanks for the review. Mako was too skinny for my likes when i saw her 3-4 years ago. and i mean anorexic skinny! " After so more attempts to get her into things it started to work but then just as she';s starting to get really wet she'd push me away again and shortly after she noticed time...
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    AM Eva From Am

    nail on the head. You can get a girl who will bang for free and maybe better that you can do coffee / wine / dine / etc. For a pro, who knows what she is getting into, 1 HR of talking is insanely long. She took advantage of her client. In less than 15 minutes of our appt, my third leg must...
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    AM Am Rio

    To each his own. I have also seen Rio many times and actually she provides excellent service and is a wonderful company. Her looks are ok and definitely MILF but I'm not looking for a magazine cover model when P4P.. I'm looking more for great service and good company, and that my friend is...
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    AM Review – Lili Of Am

    Thanks for the post on Lili. Saw her a few months ago, and found her a bit mechanical also and too inquisitive. e.g. recall her asking "who else I have seen at her agency?" which i thought was quite over the top. unlike you, i wont recommend her .. definitely better AM picks IMHO.
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    Hipness Foreigner Friendly?

    softbank is ok i guess but i have used in the past.
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    Anna Summer - An Independent.

    thanks for the post.
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    AM Eri, Asian Mystique

    @Tdslover - thanks for the post. interested in knowing who else at AM you tried and especially who was disappointing.
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    AM Review: Yuria Of Am

    mawjav, thanks for the great review and sorry to hear about your experience. yes, a pretty face does not simply cut it. you need to work girl, work! no pun intended.
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    Scammed In Shinjuku

    sorry to hear about your experience. Shinjuku is notorious for all kinds of shady business. i only use Shinjuku recently for the good selection of love hotels. girls i find else where.
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    Am Threesome

    lol - why specifically a black guy? why not just a guy? are you one of those believing that all black guys to have extra large (elephant trunk) male organs or something like?
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    Tokyo Escort Misa Wow!! I Found These Reviews And Comments

    this sounds like a self post to me... please we don't want referrals or random she's (or I'm) so great praises. just personal reviews of your mongering experience if you are a real monger. thank you!
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    AM Yuri or Norika

    yuri, sorry you got mentioned into this thread but seems a few ppl are missing you so didn't want to keep a fellow TAG member in need.. :)