♥☆★♥ One Night in Bangkok season 7, Thailand (6 days)AUG2023- DAY 1

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Dec 23, 2017
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♥☆★♥ One Night in Bangkok season 7, Thailand (6 days)AUG2023- DAY 1

Service Name:
STRAPS / thermae cafe

Provider Name:
STRAPS 'girls' /therame girl

Website/Contact Info:
http://thaidb.info/straps / 199 อาคาร ร่วมจิตต์ Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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thailand, bangkok

Appointment Length & Costs:
ard 7k each / 3k

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Date of Encounter:
August 2023

Location of Service:
Incall Location

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Narrative of the Encounter:
quite some time not writing reviews, i had more than 150 tobita girls in my backlog ,in fact i had already wrote every one in my book for every trip every girls just need to elaborate the jotted notes, but now decide to let it pass.
and since bangkok i had long skip( 2 reviews), now decide to write for my last trip.

Day 1
reach hotel 7:30pm , ready 8+ decide to skip maria tonight, thinking too late, lesser choice(was wrong).went straps, price sky rocket. found one white looking, girl 3.7k, barfine 1.2, mamasan0.7 + 1 soft orange like 6k(first time 2019 able to walk out with ard 4k+. hotel=500.
she is russia thai, 1.75m.but claim myn size big, she really struggle to handle me(front and back 2 times but doggy was nice as i tried to push further in).no interactive, quite bore ask for tip, i gave 500.(wasnt think to give). but hardware was really really good, fantastic model(girl not boy) body and very good looking.
went back found 1 g-string dancing very sexy, buttock firm and with gstring, looking from behind was very tempting. tot she will have some desire.mamasan knew me and dun even invited me for a seat, ask me to pick one and go, so i saved one soft drink money.

room she left only one dim light, see my size, so she sit on chair ,lift her leg while i bend my leg stand fucking. quite exhausted and hardly go deep. 2-3min i ask her to go bed. her facial expression was even more suffer than the first 'girl', so i stop while i find her cnt handle me anymore. she ask me to leave while said she will later go, and standing in the dark room. i think she was trying to recover from the pain, no tip given.
the hotel now they using is the one in front of nana plaza, 500 include a small packet of lub.

even with the lub, they cnt handle me, the artificial hole seem very short, and i was always feeling hitting the 'wall" with my size.at first feeling to go back to third(the girls there are very pretty , in fact i had shortlists a few there and really in my mind will surely want to fulfill fucking them) but suddenly feel like going for a real girl, because the girl can feel(if you really can fuck well). so i went to thermae.

pick one just ok looking one. not a good choice, not of her look but her sex. dun get me wrong, she know how to fuck , but too commercial. she know all positions, lift her leg high up while i hold support them and fucking, she really have the strength to support her body and willing too. we stand fucking with her hand supporting the wall and the long mirror.After 15min she was waiting for me to finish, i actually want to hold on,, i done it in less than a minute since after she asked me to. she told me previously she was from japan massage shop and now she turn freelance, she doesn't like working in a shop because of too much control.
i actually knew it while fucking, because she was too proactive, initiate kissing, want me to fondle her breast and eager to finish the job which is really not what i looking for.

A note: now therame market price is ard 3-4k, hard to find 2.5k and can say 2.5k is no more market price. so much so that i am more willing and easy going to agree 3k whenever they asked for, and i had 10 girls this trip.

while 1st day, i dun want to set my expectation too high, it is just the beginning but this time i really want to rise my expectation of the bangkok trips due i scafice them just to make way for tobita trips(should be 9 trips this year.
So i really not setting budget this time, and want to go for more and also quality one. my next few days coming. here is the preview.(maria price tag)


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No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

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Recommended, Will Repeat.

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Attached pic is the preview of the my reviews coming next, the old and new maria price list, if anyone interest.
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Thanks for your report!

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Recently kind of busy to write, but saw 141 forum someone saying cannot find PRL ,PRM and thinking they need special referral..

Actually many are not so observant.
they are 3 section ,one on long bench table one on the 3 seater seats and one.....
they are just near the toilet.

i saw few regular using the toilet, so i just join..
And the toilet are unisex, there are standing for guys (only) and behind are those door more or mainly for ladies(but i still use the door because i am shy).
so if you want to show them that you feel like home, just use the toilet and you will notice infront there are sofa seated with PRL,PRX with clear tag.
Well surprise that they dont look stunt to me, only the price.
Just last day i saw one very good quality one, in term of look, composure...
i had X, XL and 2 PRM last trip.
the girl tag X grade was very good fighting spirit one, she actually want me to show her all i can.
after sex, i asked her was she ok and she said she withhold her orgasm and no finish, so i joking ask her if i can make her.
she said there is a sweet spot(position) if i can manage(she said not easy, if i can) she will cum within a minute.
i asked her ,she didn't want to say and said if only i go for her 2nd time, she will orgasm for me(sweet spot position).
not sure if she want me to anal her.

First PRM and XL girls , PRM said she feel like going home after sex, XL smile and said she was very shagged out.

Therame now is 3-4k, is like 2.5k-3k, so i dont feel bad paying 3k for just normal one there.
But surprise the last one calling for 4k before covid still asking 4k so i took her.
No regret, only regret was my brother wasnt performing the last night.
she was doing all her trick and energy trying to make my brother up, well time was too short(cause my brother really cannot make it stand in close to 1 hour).
But she became my must have girl next time i see her there.
Not about sweet revenge but more like i want to see how long she can last.
therame still is my favorite spots, as i still able to find some good looking one and just fuck for good, not really looking for intimacy.
As for straps, even i went many time, after finish regret many times(cause not feeling at all, therame at least i know the girls feel), still i tempt to go there.

Straps are operation ready 'girls' they look and behave more feminine than many girls,(mentally as well)
Well at least i not addicted to straps, i will go 1-2 girls every bangkok trip, a very mix feeling.
As for Maria, i still feel tobita girls are still better overall.(Maria price are too expensive and short, in fact PRX girls are more expensive than yoshiwara highend soap girls).
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Therame now is 3-4k, is like 2.5k-3k, so i dont feel bad paying 3k for just normal one there.
But surprise the last one calling for 4k before covid still asking 4k so i took her.
Dang that's sort of expensive when you consider that you can go to a nice Bangkok soapland for 3.5-4.5k - personally I think I will stick to those.

she was doing all her trick and energy trying to make my brother up, well time was too short(cause my brother really cannot make it stand in close to 1 hour).
Not sure how you feel about medicinal help, but you can buy generic Thai government made sildenafil (viagra) over the counter at a lot of the pharmacies on sukhumvit, it's called sidegra (50mg or 100mg options). It's pretty cheap.
Hey @ah toh
which hotels do you recommend in Bangkok? i heard some hotels may charge extra for bringing in guests (i.e. hookers)