News 1/22/2014 - Email Notifications: How To Reply

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Aug 23, 2009
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We hope that everyone had a happy new year!

We would like to take a moment to help everyone understand how to utilize the email notifications when receiving a private conversation. (you can change the notification settings on your personal account here:

At the time someone sends you a private conversation, by default the system will send you a email notification instantly as shown by example below:

When you get this message via email, please *do not* hit the reply button. Replying to the notification just drops the message into the post master's mailbox. (which we don't check on a regular basis)

When you receive this message, you should use the buttons provided:

1) View this Conversation - Will take you to the website and show you the message after logging in, if not already logged in.

2) View all Your Conversation - Will take you to your inbox, showing all private conversations.

During a clean-up process, we found a number of replies to these kind of messages. As you may guess, the reply did not make it to the recipient. Eliah and I sent responses to a number of people to let them know that their messages were not processed.

What are we doing to help rectify the problem?

- Adding additional text to the notification email to remind people to not reply to the email containing the notification.

- Researching a possible solution to allow email replies to conversations.

If you have any support questions, please email us at or post in the feedback forum, which is here.

Thanks for your continued patronage in 2014!

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Still getting some people replying to the notification email. (and thus, emails and messages within getting stuck in lala land.)

It is still not possible to reply to the email and have it automatically sent via conversation.