News 10/16/2013 - Tapatalk Removal Plans

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Aug 23, 2009
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Hi All.

This is a warning post that we are considering to remove the Tapatalk application access. From a site owner point-of-view, the Tapatalk operation model is not something that we would like to continue supporting.

Some of the main points that have brought us to this point are related to changes made to the Tapatalk application (client) and server-side functions that we do not want. Additionally, there were features removed that we would prefer to have control over.

Impact to TAG: Not much. The traffic from Tapatalk is only a very small percentage of our overall participation demographics. Mobile devices will work fine with our site without the specialized application, while using the default browser on most modern Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

Finally, we (the management) would prefer to control how our content is displayed to members and guests. We cannot do that with Tapatalk and it is preferred to deliver a uniform experience to all participants.

An updated announcement will be posted later once we make a final decision on the removal of Tapatalk access.

Personally, I would urge you to start using your mobile web browser to access TAG. There is an upcoming graphics change coming, but I think everyone will find it to be a pleasant change.

Any comments or questions can be directed to -- We do apologize in the case that this will cause anyone an inconvenience, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank You.
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Bumping This Up!

Just a reminder to anyone using the Tapatalk (iOS/WP/Android) client:

We expect this to be completely unsupported by early summer.

Again, please read the original post above about the reasoning as to why we have elected to remove this risky application from accessing our content.

Thank you!