News 10/21/11 - TAG Updates

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Aug 23, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

We hope that your October is going well and that the cooler weather has brought you some relief from the hot summer months!

During this upcoming weekend, it is our intention to switch our site over to a new system. Presently, we are testing the new system on a test server and if all goes well, we'll move everything by Sunday evening this week. (Earlier if things go really well)

It is our impression that this new system is more user friendly and offers some newer features that make using our site easier. With any new system, the functionality is a little different, but we do not expect that it will take users very long to adapt to the new stuff.

I will update this thread later with more detailed information. It will important to note that the URL's you use to access these forums will change. There will be redirects in place to take care of links from search engines and people with old bookmarks.

That is all for now, please check this thread later for further updates.


We have run some tests on the redirection and determined that we need to make a few more adjustments to ensure that there is continuity between the old system and new.

We are going to attempt this switchover again this weekend. (10/29 - 10/30)

Thank You.