10/6/09 - Forum Status

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Aug 23, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

After a brief conversation with people that have offered assistance in developing this site further, we have decided to put things in a holding pattern. There are a number of reasons to do so:

A) The forum software we are using will be getting a large overhaul soon and would be more costly to have to redo everything for that upgrade. There are a number of new features coming with that new version that we will be incorporating.

B) There will be an advertising push both locally in Japan in addition to basic internet advertising. Here again, we believe that those funds would be better spent after we get the whole site setup in the form that we like.

The overall theme here is to conserve finances & peoples' time. For now, the forum will function as-is. At some point, when the new software is released, we will bring up the site with a full release design.

We are of course open to ideas, feel free to let us know by posting here on the existing forums. No posts/threads or users will be lost in the upgrade process when it does occur. We will expand the current forum categories once the user demand is there.

Thanks for your time!


For all current staff registered and not registered, there will be a mandatory meeting on Sunday at TGI Friday's in Roppongi. We will be aiming for a 4PM start time. If you are on the management mailing list, you will get an official invite.

Please check for an update on this meeting prior to heading to Roppongi on Saturday.

I appreciate everyone's cooperation in making it on Sunday!

To the staff members: Thanks for coming out that Sunday. I've finally posted the meeting minutes in the admin section for everyone to review.