News 11/1/2012 - Registration Change

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Aug 23, 2009
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Hi Everyone.

Spam is always a big problem for email, forum and other media sites. Presently, TAG sees almost 200 registrations per day of accounts that would likely to be used to post junk messages. For now, we believe that we have a fairly effective process to eliminate would-be spammers, with only a very small percentage of legitimate users getting caught in our spammer web.

Effective today, accounts that are not confirmed with in the allotted three (3) confirmation emails, will be removed in lieu of waiting the previous 30 days before account deletion.

Why the change you may ask?

Contact Us message spam. We first turned off the Contact Us form to guests who were not registered. Then, a avalanche of spam started coming from users who had just registered but not yet confirmed their accounts via the email checking process.

Forum spam (or attempted spam) has increased almost 1,000 fold compared to this time last year. It's actually becoming expensive when employing a human check process to weed out the junk accounts.

The registration messages are due to be revised to reflect this change. We will continue to work towards keeping TAG a spam-free site.

Thank you for your understanding!

*NOTE: If you need to contact us and are not able to use the 'Contact Us' form, please send an email to helpdesk 'at'