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Aug 23, 2009
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The escort reviews section has gotten a little too cluttered lately. Eliah, Mike and I are talking about how to split the sections up to be more clear about the content contained.

Right now, we are considering:

1) Escort Reviews - Reviews Only for FS/Normal Escort Services
2) Massage Reviews - Non-FS/Cheaper Alternatives
3) Service Questions - Q&A Forum for People looking for advice
4) Classifieds - Self-posted Ads (managed) for approved escorts and other members who are looking for something in particular.

In addition to that, we will merge up a few other areas and eliminate some of the dead space. TAG has been seeing a large surge of visitors and we want to make sure that people can easily find what they are looking for.

Suggestions are welcome. We will look to to make this change in the coming month or two. Other changes could come along too.

Thank you from,
Chris, Eliah & Mike (Karen too...:rolleyes:)