12/5/09 - Monthly Status Update

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Aug 23, 2009
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Greetings All!

Welcome to December 2009!

For this month, there is not a lot of news to report, so this will be a brief report.

- We are still looking for members to join up and join in on our daily threads and help create new content. We are a fairly open site and are OK with most any topics. If you have an idea that you would like to promote here, let us know and we can possibly create a new section for specialized topics.

- The site itself is working well and we're picking up traffic, but still lacking in the area of user registration and posting. We've got a very small core group of people that are posting now and we really hope that all of our visitors will eventually want to register and contribute.

- There is some discussion now about rewarding our users that remain active members for one year, such as a special icon or badge in their user postbits to acknowledge their assistance in building the site.

- Writers! If you would like to write a review about a particular topic and have it published here, please contact me with what you would like to write about. We may be able to pay a small stipend to serious writers who would like to publish some of their work. (Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.)

- For the time being, we still are not offering advertising and we are not advertising our site anywhere else. It is possible that we may never offer advertising on our site, but we will likely advertise our site in other places.

That is all for now! Thanks for reading! Be sure to register and join us even if you don't live in Japan!

Kind Regards,


The above news post neglected to include another detail.

- During this month, I will be adding two additional theme designs. One in particular is what we be calling a "Work Safe" template. This will drop the site header and keep the graphics toned down so that nosy co-workers can't easily see what you are looking at. The theme is a revision of the current theme with a few changes in the layout. Please look for another announcement later this month when these themes will be available. Note: You will be able to select your default them from your User Control Panel. (Registered Users Only)

My apologies for the original oversight.

Kind Regards,