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2nd at Gal Deli, testing my luck with Ciara


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Jan 18, 2023
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2nd at Gal Deli, testing my luck with Ciara

Service Name:
Gal Deli

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Appointment Length & Costs:
33k yen for 90 mins; 3200 yen for hotel

Booking Method:
Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Outcall Love Hotel (Your Choice)

Language Notes:
English/Japanese Mix

Narrative of the Encounter:
Had a pretty good time with Mioeru from my other review so figured why not go for another one. I've read @bdole 's review for Ciara so that's why I went for her.

This time around I messaged Ciara directly on X and she replied pretty fast that time. I just confirmed how much was it for 90mins then everything was set. I also went to the same hotel I was before but rather than paying at the shop I went straight to the hotel and messaged them on Line that I was there. A few minutes later the driver knocked at the door and I just handed over the money and off he went. Around 10 mins later there was another knock but this time it was Ciara.

I'd also agree with how @bdole described her in his review but I'd say she had a little more tummy, probably she was bloated. She was coughing a little and few sniffles here and there during our time, the weather in Tokyo suddenly changed which might have triggered it, no biggie. Nice set above but her ass is indeed the standout. As we were talking and I mentioned that she does have a big ass compared to the normal japanese. She laughed it off and said that its because she works it out in the gym but then saying that she wants it to be bigger. I then pointed to mine (mines kinda big because of the running and cycling I do, plus being a bit chubby lol) and she immediately says that she wants it to be as big as mine following with "onegaishimasu" then laughing out loud, good times.

After chatting for a few minutes we showered, standard procedure and nothing much happened in there. Chuckled a bit as we were about to start because as she instructed me to "lay down" she said it with an American accent which caught me a off guard and made me give off the japanese "ehh?!" which made us both laugh. Started with a quick dfk then licking here and there. I liked her technique better than Mioeru and there was more of the harder sucking which I liked. Switched positions and it was my turn to eat. Then proceeded to 69 which made me pop. Cleaned up a bit then chatted again. I was too shy to ask for another round lol so we just talked then showered till our time finished.

I was her first client for the day. I think she was less energetic than usual or still waking up since when she laughs there's a sudden burst of energy then it goes back down again. She also said that her ass hurts that time because she worked out the day before, DOMS the day after a workout do suck the energy out of you sometimes so I'd give her that.

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No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, May Repeat.

Closing Comments:
Had a good time with Ciara, I bet it'd be fun to drink with her since she looks like a good drinking buddy. She was not full of energy that time but those short bursts kinda lets you take a peek into how she is with her friends. The providers I've had a chance to be with were pretty much all business so its was nice having that.
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