3/12/10 - Monthly Update for March

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Aug 23, 2009
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Welcome back!

We took sometime off to think about the direction of the site and who we would like to be members here. This site is intended to be adult in nature and therefore we've decided to cut some of the fat away that didn't really belong here.

As of now, we're strictly an 'adult activity' based website and that is what our direction will be. The current staff have agreed to remain on board to assist in bringing this site to the masses.

The forum categories have been adjusted to reflect our new stance and we would really like to get more people involved with posting reviews and information for other Tokyo dwellers and tourists that are just passing through.

I'm personally working on a promotion plan to get the site name out there. This will take some time since it's a little harder to promote adult sites through the usual channels.

Look for additional updates from our staff and my next month report in April.

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