News 3/27/2013 - Problems with any Hotmail or Yahoo Email Account

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Aug 23, 2009
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Recently, there has been a large uptick in issues in delivering mail to addresses hosted at Yahoo or Hotmail (live/outlook). There are a whole slew of unconfirmed accounts where we believe that our confirmation emails are not being allowed through.

Yahoo! & Hotmail seem to have tightened the noose on what they consider to be automated message spam.

Having said all of this, if you have registered an account with Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, Outlook or MSN email account and did not receive a confirmation email, please do the following:

1) Check your junk/spam mail folder. (mark our mails as 'Not Spam')
2) Add our domain to your email white list (
3) Contact us if you never get a confirmation email. (helpdesk 'at'

We are going through the motions with these two providers again to see what we can do to avoid having our mail being sent to file 13 or off to some email LaLa land.

The confirmation emails are instant, if you do not get it within in a short period of time, start checking the above steps. The validation email (approval) from us will come when we have manually approved the new account.

Thank you for your understanding. To those stuck in limbo, please contact us as noted above to resolve your situation. Please be aware however, that we may not be able to reply to an address with one of the providers listed above.

As of now, the following domains for email providers can not be used here:

These providers have chosen to reject all of our mail or continuously send our mail to the junk mail/spam folders.

We will revisit this policy at a future date.

Bumping this as a reminder.

We are getting emails from people that can't join because of these problems. The secondary problem is even though we reply to people asking for help, they don't receive our replies due to the blocking issues.

If you are reading this and wonder why it seems that we haven't replied, what I just noted above is probably the reason why you don't see our reply.