3/29/10 - User Registration Failure [Resolved]

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Aug 23, 2009
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Today, we were notified of a user registration problem that was preventing people from getting past the "Question and Answer" verification process.

For the time being, that question has been removed from the registration process and it appears that the system is now working as intended. The issue detected will be fixed on our development system and then reapplied at a later date.

In this matter, the chance that spam registrations may increase with the extra verification removed. The staff will act quickly if there is an influx of spam accounts during this time period.

To anyone affected by this error, please accept our apologies.


Thanks for quickly responding to the issue. Sorry to have bothered you...

I'm disappointed - serious FAIL! My friend thought her computer was broken! I'll drop her a message and let her know it's been fixed.

(ok, I share some blame here, I told it was someting wrong with her PC.... ooooops!)

So that's what the group alert was for? Man, I won't even tell you where I was when I got that messsage from Chris.

I bet he broke it Eliah... :D