4/4/10 - Site Conversion Coming

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Aug 23, 2009
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To All:

The Tokyo Adult Guide website will be converting its software with in the next week or two. In preparation for the move, I'd like to remind our visitors that the follow browsers are recommended for accessing the Tokyo Adult Guide website:

  • Internet Explorer* 7 or 8 [We are testing version 9 now]
  • FireFox 3.5 or better. [Tested current up to 3.6.3]
  • Google Chrome 4 or better [Tested current up to]
  • Opera 10 [Tested current up to 10.51]
  • Safari 4 [Tested current up to 4.0.4]
  • Sea Monkey [Tested current up to 2.0.4]
There are certain functions within our site that function best with Internet Explorer and FireFox. We recommend using one of these two browsers for the best experience when accessing our site. The site appearance and basic function will work acceptably in each of the browsers listed above.

For mobile access services, please use the Tapatalk software that is attached to this website. You may view more information about the Tapatalk software at their website: http://www.tapatalk.com - this is a growing application and we highly recommend its use for browsing discussion forums. Please refer directly to this link: http://www.tapatalk.com/en/mobile -- for information on supported mobile application platforms.

URLs should remain intact when the transition occurs, it is still possible that some links will break. We will be trying to handle those breaks through a broken link handler that will hopefully direct you to the thread that you originally wanted.

More information will be posted just prior to the transition. In the meantime, we suggest checking your browsers and updating as necessary. It's not only just for this site, but having an updated browser will enhance your Internet browsing experience for each site you visit! Or, maybe you are tired of the same browser you have been using for awhile and want to try something new! Here's your chance to make a change!

Internet Explorer
: For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users, please use your Windows or Microsoft Update functions to receive the latest Internet Explorer version and the latest associated security fixes that come along with each version.

FireFox: The latest release at the time of this post is 3.6.3. The latest enhancements address security issues and a few bug fixes. This is great browser alternative to Internet Explorer and current is enjoying a decent market share of Internet users.

Chrome: Google's brainchild and newcomer to the browser market. It has actually been around for awhile, but only recently has begun to pickup some market share. The performance of this browser is top notch in the speed department but lacks some features that appear in other browsers.

Opera: This particular browser has also recent taken a large market share from the European region and recently has begun to gain some traction in other locations. A good alternative to experience a different style of interface.

: Apple's browser that appears on mobile access products and their line of Mac computer systems. Safari has had a solid run on MacOS and the mobile platforms (such as iPhone and more recently the iPad). This browser is stable and well supported, we do expect to see some changes in future versions of Safari to improve the user experience.

Sea Monkey: Here's a browser with an interesting name. Formerly known as the "Mozilla Application Suite" is a combination of basic web tools and may be useful for some folks looking for some other basic features not directly included in aforementioned browsers.

If you have any questions about these browsers or other related questions to this site from a technical perspective, please post a note over in the Technical Support Forum for assistance.

Thank you for reading and thanks for stopping by the Tokyo Adult Guide website!


*Officially, the Tokyo Adult Guide will NOT be supporting Internet Explorer 6 or below. This is a policy that we have decided that should be set now instead of later. We do understand that some people will be affected since some companies are still using Internet Explorer 6 as their default browser. However, given our currently limited resources of technical personnel to fix every single bug related to making our site work with Internet Explorer 6, it's our business decision to not support this browser. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we deeply appreciate your understanding in not providing this support.