News 4/6/2013 - TAG 2.0 Coming Soon

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Aug 23, 2009
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Hi Everyone.

Hopefully, within the coming days, we will launch TAG 2.0 on a new platform. How you see TAG today has existed since the very begining when we launched back sometime during 2009.

Our current platform has aged significantly and it is time to move on.

Couple of things that will happen, that I would like our visitors and members to be aware of:

A) Current user accounts and passwords will be transitioned over to the new system intact. The user account transition should be completely seamless.

B) Links, Forums & existing content will all be brought over and all old links should be mapped to the new system so that no broken links are created.

C) The design, layout and additional features will be a work-in-progress, but the core functions will be available at the time of moving.

D) We fully expect that there will be some things that will break. We're just not 100% sure what will break when migrating the production site. It works fine in the test environment, but things change once a load is introduced.

With all that said, please bear with us. We believe the new platform will promote more interaction between members and promote more visibility of our core content.

Thank You!
-Eliah & the TAG Management Team.
4/11/13 - Notes:

The project described above is still in progress, as expected however, there are more technical problems to work out.

We are excited to push out this conversion, but just with caution.

5/20/13 - Notes:

This project has been pushed into the June & July time frame due to expected revisions of our new platform.

Most all of the technical issues have been worked out and now there is a new revision expected during the summer months. It's in our best interest to wait for that revision and eventual bugs to be worked out before transitioning over.

Updates will follow later and otherwise, I'm going to stop talking about it because every time I do, it gets jinxed!