News 5/29/13 - Mobile Access Users

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Aug 23, 2009
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For our users using mobile apps: Tapatalk & Forumrunner


TAG's interface for Tapatalk has been upgraded with the latest bug fixes and feature set available on the latest Tapatalk application for mobile devices. For the best possible results, we recommend users to upgrade to Tapatalk 2 where possible. The user experience and functionality is much improved over the original Tapatalk version.


Due to the stale state of the Forumrunner application, it will be removed from TAG after the site has been moved to our new platform later this summer. We urge those users to convert over to Tapatalk where possible. If by some chance, Forumrunner's developers begin pushing out more innovative updates and improvements, we will consider keeping the interface active.


*TAG does not gain any benefit in providing this functionality to users nor due we gain any income from the sales of either application.
BTW: TAG is hidden on the Tapatalk network because of 'adult content' so you have to search for the entire name "Tokyo Adult Guide" to find us in their directory. Personally, I am heavy user of Tapatalk 2 since getting stuck with an iOS 6 device. It's a good jump from the original app.