News 7/21/2013 - TAG Conversion, Getting Closer

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Aug 23, 2009
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We hope that everyone's summer is going well.

TAG is coming very close to converting our operating platform in the very near future.

The most important points for our members are as follows:

A) Your Username and Password will remain unchanged after the conversion. If you have any problems, you will be able to use a password reset tool to regain access. Otherwise, you may send an email to our helpdesk @ account to get more in depth help.

B) Present URL's and links should continue to work --- We are doing our best to make sure that people can find what they need. The search system will need to be rebuilt, so please expect some problems in searching right after the conversion.

C) The change is very radical from this very old format we have been using since launch. The new format is however intuitive and will be more user friendly once everyone gets accustomed to the new controls.

Admittedly, this is a huge change and we are very nervous about introducing such a large move. This is a necessary move to get off of older technology, not only for the front-end but also the back-end that keeps TAG chugging along.

Lastly, the new visual design will be kind of weird for awhile until we perfect a new images & graphics package. A work-in-progress if you will, thanks for your understanding.