News 7/25/2014 - Minor Tweaks & Updates

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Aug 23, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

As move into the weekend here in Japan, we have made some adjustments to the site in preparation for more updates that are on their way.

We carry various types of content at TAG and we want everyone to have a chance to see what else is available. Therefore, we have added some additional visual notices to the site.

1) "New Posts" counter -- This displays next to the "New Posts" button for members that are logged in. This display a count of unread items that you have not read. Click this button (New Posts) to see all new content that has been updated or added since your last visit.


You can clear this counter without reading all content by choosing the option: "Mark Forums Read" (which appears to the far left of "New Posts")

2) Notices & Alerts

When you have an alert pending for either an updated thread or new conversation, a note will pop up in on your browser tab as shown here:


There have been some other minor 'under the hood' updates, but nothing that should impact your browsing experience.

More updates to follow.

Thank you for patronage!