News 7/28/2014 - Privacy And You

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Aug 23, 2009
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We would like to take a few moments to remind everyone about their privacy and security while using our website. (Last Posted Here)

Here are a couple of points to keep in mind:

1) Please choose a username that is not connected to your real life identity or business.
2) While a valid email account is required to use our site, please use a email address that you have created specifically for anonymity. (i.e. don't register at our site with your company or primary business email.)
3) When making posts on our site, please try avoid sharing external contact details unless it is done in private messages. Additionally, please avoid posting pictures or video that could be traced to someone's real identity.

Note: Email notices and subscriptions can be managed through your user control panel -- If you are receiving an unwanted notice via email, please contact us for support on the issue. (For privacy reasons, please contact us at our helpdesk address:

We do offer a service to change your user name, which you can find in your user control panel. (Direct link: For security and tracing purposes, we do keep track of name changes to avoid someone abusing this service.

You can also change your registered email address via the same control panel. (Direct Link:

As of this weekend, we have updated the registration page with some additional warnings about how to register a new account securely.

Couple of Disclaimers:

A) TAG will not sell or disseminate any contact details that have been entrusted to us. (i.e. email address or other contact information collected)
B) TAG does make an effort to protect its production database from unapproved access.
C) TAG does collect analytical data for the purposes of understanding our users and content better.
D) TAG does use cookies to manage your login and settings preferences, but nothing more.
E) TAG does collect IP addresses for the purposes of security and preventing 'shill' posting. This IP data is only accessible by two personnel (Chris & Eliah), Moderators are not able to view this data.

Regarding Tapatalk:

At this time, we are very displeased with Tapatalk and their business model as well as their timely manner in identifying security issues that impact our production servers. We urge our users to begin using the responsive design built into the site. (just open up your mobile device and point the browser to our site and it should adjust accordingly with the size of your local display) We do understand that some users are attached to their Tapatalk and that is the only reason we are keeping it around for now. However, this will undoubted change in the not too distant future. (Note: we also cannot display our ads or control what ads are displayed with our content on the Taptalk application.)

Thank you very much for your patronage, if you have any questions about this post or have any suggestions, please let us know! (email: or post a thread in this forum.)