News 7/29/2013 - TAG Status Update - Part II

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Aug 23, 2009
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Good Monday Morning!

Chris and I are pleased to announce that we have fixed the forwarding links from the old URL. Anyone that works in programming or IT in general knows that even the most mundane problem can cause your whole world to crumble. In this case, a misspelled word in a forwarding link command was causing the entire forwarding system to completely fail.

Some further cosmetic and functional changes are coming down the line.

We are very sorry for those people who got stuck on and endless loop at the old domain location.

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Technical Note: Everything is setup as a 301 redirect from all of the old links from the SD. Google will automatically update those old links to the new locations. Everybody else, update your bookmarks. :cool:

There *are* some user account issues, we are working on it.
Also, not sure if it's my connection but everything is sluggish right now. (I'm using Emobile at the moment...)

On a wired connection now, much better response.

I found that direct forum URL's are being forwarded correction. Threads, posts and general links are fine. Looking into this now to find out why....