Reviews 7/5/2024 - Review Batch Released (40)

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To further assist readers in finding reviews in each batch, we will attempt to publish a news blurb that calls out each review for each batch release period.

This batch, released on July 5, 2024 contained 40 reviews: (sorted in order of submission during the collection period, June 9th to June 22nd)玲杏-a-future-top-girl-makes-her-debut.33803/南天-at-matsushima-shinichi.33807/夢叶-mumu-wit-sora.33808/—-akina-senhime-matsushima.33829/しゅう-club39.33867/–-a-night-with-the-best.33880/ありす-–-the-legendary-squirting-goddess-伝説の潮吹き女神.33883/–-relaxing-time-at-korean-esthe.33884/

Thanks to all who contributed during this period!
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