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Sep 24, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

Today, I have been tasked to deliver the Tokyo Adult Guide update for September 2010! Eliah has promoted me handle more of the "PR" type of issues so that he can focus on more technical related matters.

We all certainly hope everyone has had a very good summer, whether or not you are in Japan! (Or winter for those in the deep, southern hemisphere!) As we progress into September, we would like to thank everyone that has participated here in the last year since we have been open.

The management team has be trying to come up with a solid plan to build and promote this site further. We've gotten some feedback via private messages & email and we're looking to implement some of these changes that people have requested in way that benefits everyone.

Reviewers (Non-Escort Related)

We're currently seeking people living or visiting Japan to submit articles for exclusive use on the Tokyo Adult Guide. This can be any type of review that you think others would find to be interesting, whether it be a hotel, bar, club or even a whole section of a city in Japan. It doesn't necessarily have to be Tokyo either! We are planning to have a more in depth front page that will be divided up into various subjects, which these reviews would fall into. Any article is subject to our editorial review for spelling, grammar & appropriateness. At this time, this will be a volunteer deal, which could change later in the future. Anyone interested in submitting their work for publication, can let us know by using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom right of this page (in the footer). Please make sure you include a valid email for us to contact you at.


This issue is topping the charts when it comes to feedback. Therefore, we plan on introducing a "light skin" for this forum that doesn't have the titles flashing 'Tokyo Adult Guide' on the screen. The new skin will be somewhat of the same of what you see here now, minus the large logo at the top of each page. We highly recommend user to not browse this site at your office, however to accommodate those who wish to do so, we will be making this update in the near future. I am also putting together a short document on certain forum settings that will help you keep people from peering over your shoulder. :)

Site Split

We would like your feedback on this: We are seriously considering making a new break-away site to be a more generalized 'life-in-japan' type of site so that the adult material is not included by default. There are a few large English based Japan forums running now. Some are run with no control while others are censored heavily and therefore can be annoying to use. (Not to mention, heavy advertising...) Our mission is to provide a clean environment that is relatively ad-free, meaning if we do add in advertising, it will be a very minimalistic approach vs. the practices you see done at other Japan oriented site.

Please this thread to vote; anyone can vote. [Thread Removed, voting over.]


Again, thank you to everyone who has sent us a comment or a request. We appreciate your time spent in sending us your thoughts

Have a great week!

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