9/15/09 - Tokyo Adult Guide for iPhone Users!

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Aug 23, 2009
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I'm pleased to announce that the Tokyo Adult Guide is now available on the Tapatalk network for iPhone users!

Users that currently utilize a iPhone, may purchase the Tapatalk client for $2.99 from the Apple Apps store. This client allows you to view the forum content with ease via this small application.

You can access the following tasks with this client:

- Login to your TAG Account.
- Read & Reply to messages.
- Read & Reply to private messages.
- Subscribe to threads.
- Display the newest threads with one button.
- Visit other message boards that support Tapatalk.

Please visit their website to get a better understanding of this application and read other users' reviews.

Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips!

There are further additions coming to this application and we feel that it is worth the $2.99 as many other message boards will adopt this new technology.

Other mobile application platforms may be getting Tapatalk as well, so keep your eyes open for updates on that.

Note: TAG does not receive any funding from this application, we are providing the connection free of charge to all users who purchase the Tapatalk application for their mobile device.
One further additional note:

After installing the new application to your iPhone, you can use the "Search" function of the application to locate the Tokyo Adult Guide. Just search for "Tokyo" and you should find us very easily. After that visit, it will appear on your "Favorites" list.

We do not participate directly in the Tapatalk directory at this time. Possibly, in the future, we will change this policy.
Just to add, I have been using this for awhile and it seems stable enough.

Worth the $2.99...