9/21/10 - Tapatalk Access Issue


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Sep 24, 2009
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Tapatalk Users:

We are currently aware of an issue where the Taptalk application reports that our forum plug-in is out of date. We have confirmed that our software is up-to-date and that there is a bug floating around in the phone application that can cause this.

We do not have a way to resolve this just yet, but we have been informed that a new client application will be on its way out soon to resolve this issue among a few other bugs.

Please our accept our apologies for the Tapatalk issues.

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Today, I have an update!

The forum software has been updated and there was also a new version of Tapatalk released for iPhone users. Please update your app to the latest revision (1.9.1) to fix some of the bugs when accessing forums through the Tapatalk application.

Some common problems we have seen:

1) If your password on the forum expires, you cannot access the forum from your Taptalk application. You will have to delete the account stored in Tapatalk and recreate it.

2) If the above does not work and you get stuck in a loop, delete the application from your phone and reinstall Tapatalk.

One of these two steps above will get everything working once again. We have verified these steps and believe that this should help those that were having problems previously.

Again, our apologies for the access problems.

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