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Aug 23, 2009
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Thank you for you continued patronage and comments about our services here. It is greatly appreciated by all staff that are working behind the scenes. We are not always publicly visible, but we are paying attention!

A couple of notes for a few items:

1) We have improved our email delivery service to help combat email providers from marking our targeted emails as spam. If you are receiving emails from us and don't know why, please contact us about it. Please do not press the "Mark as SPAM" button in your email client. We have been contact with most of the major free email providers to keep the pathways clear for us.

2) In the coming month, maybe as far as November, the forum will be revamped along with the rest of the site. As a result, the URL for the forums will change at that time. We will have redirects in place to put you in the right place when visiting an old URL, but please be sure to update your bookmarks after the change is made. We will give plenty of notice before the actual switch.

There is nothing else really new to report at this time. I am personally very pleased with our staff and their ability to keep spam off of this forum. Please give them a round of applause for their attention to detail.

Additionally, please understand that our staff cannot give personal recommendations or act as guides to those of you visiting Japan. This site is for those who visit and live in Japan to share their experiences so that others may benefit. Call it community sharing if you will, every little bit of information is helpful.

Any information acquired from our members, should be correctly credited when posting information on other sites. If you want to copy & paste something to another site, that is fine. However, please provide a link back to the TAG source if it did originate from one of our members.

We are also open to suggestions and comments from all visitors. Please be sure to post your suggestions in our Feedback Forum or send a private message to all staff members via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right of this page.

For those of you in Japan now, we hope that you are enjoying this cooler weather we are receiving after the last Typhoon. It certainly is a relief from the sweltering heat previously.

Thank You!

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BTW: I fixed a redirect error that you boys missed. I kept getting caught in some login loop and I just haven't been able to login.

Fixed and you're welcome! :)