9/29/09 - iPhone Tapatalk Updated

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Aug 23, 2009
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The iPhone application "Tapatalk" has been updated.

You may download the updated version from the iTunes store.

iTunes Store

Here is the summary of changes to this latest revision:

Tapatalk Team said:
This new version added few very important fixes and features - and it is way better than previous version, here are some of the highlights:

- Full Pagination support! Finally we made forum-specific pagination with iPhone style! No more "showing only last few posts"
- See who is currently online - a dedicated tab to list online user and ability to send instant private message to them
- Forum statistic - you can now easily see how many total members, topics and posts in your forum as live data.
- More languages are supported - Italian, Swedish and Czech are added in addition to previous available languages such as Spanish and German.
- More bug fixes

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