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A great surprised experience in a soapland shop.


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Aug 12, 2012
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Yesterday I went to a soaapland shop near Ueno station.
This shop accept foriegn quests.

Name of the shop - SILKY DOLL
URL of the shop -
Here is a photo of the girl served me yesterday.
She is very lovely. Her name is Ayano.

Most impotant of all, she let me FXXked her whitch was a great surprise.
You may see her today, cause she is on duty today.
Ha ha....
click on system to see the prices. but is there an extra charge for foregieners like most soaplands?
Sorry, maybe i lost something... why did you say it was sorprising that you got "that" from her? In my experience, in the soaplands you always "get that", i mean, full service; the sorprise for me would be that they do not offer full service in such local.
Exactly how much is the extra "foreigner" charge? I have yet to experience a Soapland and am feeling quite adventurous this week.
There's no gaijin charge listed on that page, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. At other soaplands I've seen reports of them adding 10,000yen as a 'gaijin tax'.
Is it possible to visit this place without any skills in Japanese?