Activity In Nagoya And Osaka?


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Jul 22, 2012
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Hello everyone! First time poster, long time reader here.

I know that this is the Tokyo adult guide but I was wondering if anyone knows any good places in Nagoya and Osaka? My work takes me there back and forth and I'd like to have some fun while in between the two places.

so far in Osaka I've encountered Chinese massage girls with which always shy away when I a try to talk to them.

In Nagoya, I've tried the area near Nagoya TV Tower, It's really pricy as a pink salons would cost you up to 12,000 yen a girl, and they usually only show me one girl. (And usually they look like fatties. )

so please help me out here TAG!
Well, if you are looking for non-pricey places, Japan isn't exactly the place to be hobbying.

But there's plenty that's been posted on TAG regarding available stuff in both Osaka and Nagoya- you didn't really describe your level of Japanese, so I'll assume it's not fantastic.

Sayuri of Kansai Cherry Blossoms is quite lovely.
There's the Tobita area, which is very often foreigner-friendly, has quite a few lookers, at least last time I was there, and might even be price-competitive to pink salons for the super-short sessions, although most Tobita girls are CBJ.

Not much reported there, although Yuko of Asian Mystique is available again, now in Nagoya. She's one of the better-looking AM girls I've been with, and her service is good. Not the sex kitten stuff I've gotten from Korean girls in the US, but she's fun.
Thank you Meiji for the reply! I appreciate it.

My Japanese level is very beginner-esque, I know how to ask questions very basically (The Doko, Dochira , Nan desu ka 's ) and I can describe things a bit (Kirei, Kawai, Atsui, Samui etc. )

So I'm in Nagoya now and I'm guessing I'm scant out of options. except Yuko who looks great. Is Asian Mystique FS?

So yeah I'm looking around Sakae now and I can't seem to find any good options at the moment. I will keep all of you informed :]