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Adult Friend finder Japan, Anyone had good results?


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Sep 10, 2012
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Hello again,

I'm very new to this board, but I hope no one minds if I ask a question.

I've been searching online dating sites in Japan and always run across adult friend finder. The site charges male users a membership fee.

Does anyone have any information about actually meeting like-minded people through that site?

Thanks in advance!!
It sort of depends on what you mean by 'like-minded', and what sort of 'game' you have. I was super-annoyed at AFF constantly nagging at me to upgrade my membership and sending me a bunch of other worthless emails, so I pretty much stopped using it -- that was in the States, though, it would be interesting to get a better perspective from Japan. It seemed to me in the US that it was a place where prostitutes could advertise, and men could post their penis pictures. :)
Thanks for the reply Meiji.
I really wish people would take those sites more seriously :)

A few years ago I had a female friend that would meet guys from that site in Tokyo. But she wasn't much of a looker. She DID have some very wild girlfriends that were really fun.
I also got a tip on a site called I was told that some adventurous girls were to be found on it. It's cheap to join. Only 12 USD for 6 months.I haven't paid that yet, though. Looking for more reviews.
I've had only one experience with Adult friend finder and the girl was only interested in sex so she came over and it was a good time. Your best bet is go out and meet someone.
I used to use AFF a few years back. I actually met quite a few girls on there. Although most of the girls I met were really into sex, they were also hoping to meet someone they could start dating. So, for a lot of them, there were the times when we would just go out for dinner or drinks or something. So, if you know that kind of thing might happen from time to time, then there is no reason not to use AFF. You are not guaranteed sex, that's for sure. And there are a LOT more men on that site, so the girls are literally sifting through hundreds of emails a day. Don't be surprised if it takes a while to actually get replies.
Adult Friend Finder is a SCAM and NOT worth it for most SINGLE guys. Especially in Japan. AFF can be halfway decent in other countries, but not so much with Japan.

Many of the female profiles are FAKE. The ratio of men to real wommen is like 15 to 1. Of the real women, many are OLD.

You can possibly meet some women, but it's like hitting the lottery or playing the slot machine. Not something you can count on.

The only slight benefit to Adult Friend Finder is if you are a SWINGER couple, looking for OTHER swinger couples. That is what AFF is slightly good for.

If you are a single guy, better to try regular dating sites, personal ads, or go talk to ladies walking down the street. All those options are better than AFF.
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any of you guys know any site to meet women single or married in their 30-40"s???
Re: Re: Adult Friend finder Japan, Anyone had good results?


You are better off using sites like Japan Guide Friends, Japan Guide Penpals, Metropolis Classifieds, OKCupid, POF, etc... Use a combination of paid and free dating sites, to include language exchange websites.

ALL those give better odds than Adult Friend Finder. In a nutshell, you want to meet REAL women, that want or will agree to MEET.

All that AFF does comes down to a date, even if get LUCKY and meet a real woman, then you and her deciding if you like each other.

So a good date site, classified ads, or language exchange site with real women will usually give you BETTER opportunities than AFF. They will usually have MORE REAL women than AFF does. Any site that does NOT commit fraud or has fake female accounts, will usually be better.

AFF just suckers you with the promise or allure of sex, but the male to female ratio is 15 to 1 or worse. And they try to dangle porn in front of you, to distract from the bad numbers in Japan. Some of the options that I gave, plus your own web search, should put you on the right track.

Keep in mind that escorts or sugar babies would be much more direct, than date sites or classified ads. If you go the date site or classified ad route, use a lot of different ones.
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I did OK a couple of times on AFF but I haven't been there in years nor will I ever go back....just a waste of time!!!
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It's been a couple of years since I used it, but I did score with a few women there. I've been thinking about going back but I'm the wrong side of 50 now...