Adult Itinerary For A Two-weeks-long Break In Japan


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Feb 6, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

..just joined the "club" here and pleased to see so much detailed info on these places. I am in the process of planning a trip - my first - to Japan.

Thanks to you all, the first couple of days of mid April's two-weeks-long trip, I will spend around Shinjuku for sure. ;) These Pink Salons are my dream. :) Especially Hinomaru caught my attention. Sound like a twice-a-day program for me for sure ;) but Sayuri is an awesome looking girl too, so I hope she will have some time for me too.

After a few days I will travel around as far as it is worth it. Osaka was one of the interest, but would not mind going further, towards Nagasaki. But only if there is any good Gaijin Friendly option ;) and the Shinkansen goes there.

I try and pick cities to visit according to the info I gather here, so any frequent traveller is welcome to comment.

Just read recently that prices in Korea are fare more wallet friendly. :-/ I might consider to pop over for a few days and back to Tokyo.

Any advice from you all is welcome.

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