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Oct 13, 2010
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Dear TAG members

before I start, please let me know TAG manager, if my post is not suitable for this forum I will delete my post as soon as you ask me to and I will not link my website since I want to follow the rules here. - Thank you

Hello everyone, I wish I could have some advice from native English speakers regarding promoting our web site in English.

Firstly, we are an escort directory introducing foreigner friendly escort clubs and agencies based in Tokyo, but since I am a Japanese guy and I am having little trouble on promoting our website to foreigners visiting Japan.

Therefore , if anyone here can give me some specific advice, such as link our website to specific website that would help foreigners to find us.
I wouldn't mind if that cost me.

I just don`t have an Idea which website is most commonly used by foreigners
to find escorts in Japan.

Please help me out!

Thank you


This site in particular is for actual agencies and the reviews for those agencies. I believe, based on the information we have been provided, your site is a directory that enables english speakers to access some of the other Japanese escort services. Whether it delivery health or other types of services, maybe you are better off placing an ad with Metropolis Magazine - which has an escort ads section and of course, it is a English only magazine that is read by a very large majority of English speakers in Japan.

Outside of that, it would be best to pay other sites to place a banner advertisement or create some type of link exchange with sites that are similar to yours.

From a normal foreginer point-of-view, your site is sort of 'suspicous' feeling since you appear to be acting as a broker between english speaking clients and the Japanese shops that you have listed on your site. Still, I believe, that by using your site, foreigners will be paying more for less service.

Please have a look at this thread at ISG, specifically for Tokyo:

http://internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?t=977 - You can read about what other foreigners are doing in the Japanese market.

The Tokyo Adult Guide is an open site, that provides a neutral ground for clients to post their reviews of agencies and the girls they provide. We shy away from listing or directory serivces because there have been too many scams. Or, more commonly known as 'bait-n-switch' Other review sites such as ISG, GaijinPot and the old Pink Guide are very heavily censored.

We have not promoted, nor advertised this site anywhere and people find us by searches and word-of-mouth. If we become too popular, we may have to change the way we operate.

I believe Chris is in the final stages of getting a reply to you in email, so please wait for that mail and also please review what I have written to you here. :)

that by using your site, foreigners will be paying more for less service.

Thank you TAG, thanks for your advice. It is good to know foreigners opinion.
but I am afraid if your statement above is what foreigners think about our website, which is not exactly right.

basically, what we trying to do is let foreigners access to japanese local clubs,
as you know most of Japanese local clubs have been refused foreigners to access.

and those clubs charging extra amount for foreigners are Japanese local clubs, they have been refused foreigners to access untill we have negociated them.

and ofcourse we have clubs do not charge any extra for foreigners and even gives foreigner discounts.

so the price set is totally under controlled by clubs and agencies

and the service they provide is exactly same service to local Japanese customers, I dont know why you think they provide less service to foreigners. - Japanese local clubs provides world top class of service -

and all escort clubs listed on our website is legally permitted to provide
sexual services in Japan.
As you know agencies do not have certification to provide sexual service or private escorts are illegal in Japan.I think this is something TAG might have to concern about since TAG is just too famouse

Anyway thank you for letting me know where to promote (metopolis) and your opinion and I will wait for response from chris


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