Advice On Booking Through Tokyonights.

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    Anyone here has any experience, advice or reviews about booking a soapland appointment through Tokyonights?
    They have 2 soaplands that seem to accept foreigners ... Club Naniwa and Kings.
    Booking thorough them is via an English booking form on their website and you can even chose the girl...
    Anyone tried this service before?
    Do they bait and switch?
    Are the prices real and do they charge extra when you get to the soapland?
    Any advice will be much appreciated!
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    I haven't booked through them before, but it doesn't look like the form on their site allows you to pick the girl. The prices at the soapland are accurate, but you only get an hour, which would basically be bathing time and a little bit of play time. That wouldn't include mat play, which is what most guys go to soaplands to experience. I can't speak to the quality of the girls at those two shops, but if they are foreigner friendly even for guys that speak no Japanese, you probably aren't going to be getting the best that Japan has to offer, looks-wise.
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    Blurr Sotong,

    I have used Club Naniwa but made my own arrangements via phone. I believe there is a gentleman who speaks English. You may be able to look at the girls' schedule to see who you would like and then call. They do have pick up service at Irya, Minowa and a few other subway stations in the area. Make sure you ask for Mat play and confirm before paying or you will not get it. I speak from experience. Go to their website and used Google translate or Google Chrome to translate the web pages.
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    I also used Club Naniwa, about a year ago. And my xeprience wasthe same as the one described by Bichan.
    I would though add that the phtos shown to me while choosing the girls in their waiting room were heavily photoshopped, and I was absolutely horrified when I saw the girl smiling at me at the door. Well, this is Japan, so I decided to get the best of the situation. She was desperate to please me, and finally managed to get me off towards the end of the session. And I got my 80 min free Japanese conversation session.
    But I never went back...

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