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Ageha review


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Mar 15, 2012
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This is my first post but I have been a casual mongerer for awhile.
I gotta say Ageha is awesome! I tried it for the first time Saturday morning around 1030.
I called the place up and a nice Japanese guy talked in nihongo so I asked him if there was anyone who spoke in English. Immediately he spoke pretty good English. He asked me what country I was from and I said american, after that I got the red carpet treatment. He proceeded to tell me there are many cute girls available. I specifically wanted to book ohshino. That chick looks like she has a big ass. I love big asses. Thick but not fat. Unfortunately she was running late do he recommended another girl with a nice ass. I cannot remember her name but she told me to just call her mii. Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself. The nice Japanese man told me to find a hotel and after I get my room to call him back with the name and room number. I did and he sent the girl over. Prior to that I decided to buy her some green tea. Bitches need a drink too and in Japan you can never go wrong with green tea. She arrived 30 minutes later and I have to say she looked kinda cute but the only thing was her teeth was kinda busted. It's all good though because she had nice mouth sized tits and a thick butt but she was not fat. Not tight but a flat stomach. She asked me how long I want her for so I chose 100min for 25000 yen. So she called her boss and since it was my first time I got a 2000yen discount. That's awesome!
We proceeded to disrobe after the money transaction then we went to the shower. Shower was just for cleaning up hardly any play so while she was soaping me up I soaped her up as well. She really liked that especially when I sucked on her tits and rubbing her instantly wet pussy. We quickly towelled each other up and jumped on the bed. We kissed very briefly which is fine with me because my dick was harder than Chinese algebra. I kissed down her neck and sucked on her delicious tits while rubbing her really wet pussy. She was moaning really loud. I went down and spent quite awhile tasting her tasty vagine. Then she put me on my back and sucked me off really well. I almost came in her mouth. She knew how to tease my cock with her tongue. I flipped her to a 69 position. Now I didn't expect any FS. If you look at the comic they have on the website it only shows Sumatra so that's what I thought was going to happen next but instead she grabs a condom, slips it on and starts riding me cowgirl very aggressively! This girl rode it like I was a raging bull. I couldn't help it so I busted really quick. My dick still rock hard she throws another condom on and rides me again. This time I grab her ass and fuck her really hard from underneath. After a while of that I flipped over then fucked her really hard doggy style until I popped again. We chilled for a bit drinking our green tea sweating up a storm. 5 minutes later she starts licking my nipples while she was jerking me off. She starts sucking my dick again, boom! Rock hard again. She assumed the position real quick in a doggy position and I proceed to beat that pussy down like it owed me money! For a while! Finally I busted a third nut.
I am definitely going to repeat! Great service from a great girl! I am thinking if trying a new girl. I was going to go with hipness before calling ageha but they're pics of the girls are a bit suspect to me. And it's weird because hipness has men on the roster. Ageha is the truth y'all.
How do we find the website or phone number since a google search just says ageha is a night club in chiba....