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Dec 13, 2013
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Evening gents and occasional lady. Quick intro:

30, single, Navy senior enlisted (ranked up quick) with cash to burn. I only have the most basic command of the Japanese language, plus decent Katakana and Hirigana skills, but speak German fluently-ish.

Prefer Japanese, though I've been here 2.5 years and haven't had the pleasure yet. I've had a thing for Japanese women as long as I've had a thing for women (read: as long as I can remember.) Did the Chinese/Thai thing in Bahrain, as that was the vast majority of what was available, and one extremely perky Russian, boy that was life changing.

Kinda nervous running solo at the hobby, always had partners in crime with me to break the ice. Tips and best practices appreciated. If anyone needs a partner in crime, I'm available.


I'm a little unclear on why you haven't realized your goal of being with a Japanese woman, especially since you find them particularly attractive. (It has got to be easier than moving up the ranks that fast!) Have you tried and failed or not the opportunity (or money) to try until now for some reason or…? It would be easier to offer advice if you gave a few more details about what you want and why you haven't found it so far.

That said and without anything else to go on, I'd suggest going with either a Japanese DH or some Japanese indie escort (Eri and Sayuri have great reps on TAG), depending on how much cash you are looking to burn. If you want more than just a typical pro-escort p4p session, like a Japanese gf, I'd suggest going with UC or SA or some other sugar/compensated dating service.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Honestly, I think it's just a confidence issue, only experience it around unfamiliar attractive women. I'm not a recluse or anything, I tend to be the life of the party/funniest S.O.B. in the room when among friends and co-workers, but around new women, not so much. I've been this way for quite a while. Pretty much all relationships I've had have been with women I've known from work, school, or through close friends. I'm not ugly or out of shape (honest self assessment of 7/10 both areas) so that's not the reason. It blows my mind when I see some of these jackwagons on base who barely function as an adult who are snagging Japanese women like it's going out of style.

Cash is definitely not an issue. My last duty I was gone more than I was here, so that may have been a contributing factor, but for now I'm pretty much stationary for the next three years or so. I've gone on a few dates with friends of friends, but nothing seems to pan out. I'm just not that good at picking up women, I guess. Some people it's just second nature, but I need flashing neon signs and road flares that spell out 'NEXT MOVE NOW!'

I'm looking for a girlfriend, P4P, compensated dating, any or all of the above.

Again, thanks for the help.
I've never used it, but the Asian Mystique (http://www.asianmystique.com/main_page.html) DH service has a good/great rep around TAG, as do Eri and Sayuri (when she is in town), whom I've also never seen. It seems to me that would be the path of least resistance if confidence is the issue. You can be sure that these ladies have seen many many customers who are nervous and shy and thus are very good at helping you get through your (understandable) newbie awkwardness. Most of them carry "flashing neon signs and road flares that spell out 'NEXT MOVE NOW!'" in their purses for just those purposes. Once you've done a bit of that, you may be a lot more comfortable looking for a gf or doing the compensated dating thing.

Do a bit of research reading TAG reviews and check out the websites; pick out some options that look attractive to you, and then

C'mon in…the water's fine!