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The pals are not what they scream.
Feb 27, 2014
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First time provider user and first time poster. Not up with the site lingo yet - have had fun looking up BBBJ etc.
After deciding to use AM I managed to catch up with Ai on a Feb 2014 Sat evening. Read some reviews AFTER I had decided on Ai. First I have to say there is a little bit more to/of her than meets the eye... yeah? I'm a slim guy and like the same. I think we were both a bit nervous so I didn't have as wonderful a time as lucky past posters did. But, nice kisser, lovely small breasts, but I couldn't really get her so excited and since I really like the giving side I was a bit disappointed/ing. My fault probably. Maybe I was a bit fast outta the blocks. But crossed the finish line twice. We did end up chatting and laughing about stuff quite a bit. Then she really really relaxed - probably a good idea to do that first with Ai. We'd have a hoot of a time NEXT time. But, lovely girl and enough of a good experience to recommend her. Ahhh, if you are on the 'larger' side (her review, not mine!) she is a bit cautious, I think.

(Just discovered ROB means something negative in 'naughty-speak'. It is not NOT a comment on Ai! Just an uneducated coincidence!!)
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