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Ai Of Am


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May 5, 2012
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Just saw Ai for 3 hours and enjoyed every second of it. I have seen her once before, last time I visited Japan which was maybe 18 months ago now. I really enjoyed my time with her the last time I saw her so I hoped she wouldn't have changed much.

I was pretty nervous whilst waiting. Partly because I liked her so much last time I saw her and partly because I was worried about some reviews on here saying that she was past it.

She arrived precisely on time and when I opened the door I was greeted with the same girl I remembered from before. She hadn't changed at all. I think a big grin must have crept over my face at that point.

OK, I'm not going to make this review too long so here's the main points. In my opinion she has the cute look, not the mature look. This is partly because of her small round face and delicate features. Personally I think she's really pretty, yes she does have that slight decay on one tooth but I didn't particularly find it off putting. I could happily gaze at her for hours.

As some have noted, she isn't super slim. But that's actually part of the reason I like her so much. I really like her curves. And her skin is so soft it's like silk.

One thing that's always important to me is personality. And Ai is absolutely lovely. I probably spent about 1 hour of my time with her just talking. She is a little bit shy but treat her right and she soon relaxes. And she speaks English very well, which helps if you are like me and only speak a little Japanese. She seems well educated with a pretty good knowledge base. We talked about a lot of different things and she was easily able to hold her side of the conversation. I actually wish I'd booked 4 hours now instead of 3, I could have happily carried on talking to her. And she didn't clock watch or anything like that. I never felt like she was in a rush to get away or just bored to be there.

As for sexual performance, she is superb. Of course, YMMV, but for me it couldn't really get any better. Those curves of hers are in all the right places and she has excellent hygiene. I already want to see her again and she only left just over an hour ago.
I'm honestly not sure. I don't really worry about DFK so I didn't ask or try for it. Sorry.