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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Aixin - (Yuri)

    Date of Encounter:
    August 2018

    Contact Method:
    Direct to Shop

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    60 Minutes 8000 Yen + HE 5000 Yen


    Language Notes:
    Not Much Language Used. Gaijin Ok

    Details of the Encounter:
    After a long time, writing a review in this forum. Was at Shibuya in the morning around 8.30 am. Read review abt Aixin massage parlor. Went thru the sites and wow. All the girls were so cute and gorgeous. So went to Aixin around 9am. Its a 24 hrs shop. Ringed the bell and outcomes the beautiful Yuri. She was the perfect girl which i like with slender figure and awesome boobs n butt. I said massage and she pointed out to choose the menu. I chose 60 mins Oil massage.
    Sent to the room. And askd to remove clothes and wear a string type lingerie .. Took to shower and complete wash with soap and lotions. No extra activity here. Then went to room and massage started. Massage was average and I asked can i touch you and she said NO. Disappointed. After 45 mins,she said shower or HE? I was like WOW. Definitely chose HE but at the cost of extra 5000 Yen. Paid her and she removed the lingerie and started awaken the junior. I asked again Can I touch ur boobs? This time it was YES. So touch and felt her boobs only over the t shirt. Then My junior said its time out and went back to sleep. Sent to Shower alone. Bathed and said gud bye.
    PS: Im N0 in japanese and all the conversation were through body language. She doesnt know English too.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    May Go again for the Japanese beauties!
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    I went to this shop this friday.
    A very sexy short haired girl ( wait why is she in dressing gown ) greeted me and didn't ask which girl i wanted to choose and no costume option ( i was very disapointed as i wanted the schoolgirl outfit :whistle: ).
    I thought i mistook the location of the shop so i took the 7000 yen chiatsu massage ( no shower, and fully clothed ) because my shoulders were painful from my last fitness session.
    A random girl came, didn't know if she was japanese or chinese but she was beautiful with perfect measurements.
    With my clothes on it was to hot and i almost fell asleep.
    The girl was not very talkative, it must be due to the very thin wall between the shop and the street ( you can hear the people talking and even wispering in the street, for real! )
    The massage was good but seemed improvised -> a spark ran through my 2 neurons : oh shit she is "not a real" therapist, i should i've show the website at the desk and be more pushy :cry:.
    As i was very "hangry", i ate a little I went straight to lovely hand where i had an incredible oiled hand job from ベル (with the right cosplay outfit).

    I the cosplay option is confirmed and the HE always proposed in the oil massage i think i will give an other chance cause the girls are very alluring.

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