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Oct 29, 2012
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I am staying in Akasaka. This morning early I am walking near the Biz Tower and I am propositioned on three different occasions but in the same general location. I presume their interest is unrelated to my good looks. The corner is near something called the Tokyo Girls Resort but I thought I saw the pimp in the shadows so I don't know if the place and the ladies are related. Each asked about a special massage, claimed to have a room to use and quoted a price
Of 3,000 yen. I declined thinking to do research and maybe return. Across the street from the Resort place are massage shops but hard for me to tell from the signs what is what. Can any of you help me understand what I should know? Thanks in advance.
I returned to the green sign place. After the massage someone comes by to ask if I want more time. More time is more interesting. Happened three times at three different places.