Aki From Happy Berry


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Jul 30, 2012
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Date: April 2014, Evening

Aki Happy Berry (lr-shinjuku.com)

Contact Info:

Type/Location: Hotel
Health, used Hotel Ai which is just like across the street from the main office

Language Specifics:
Used Japanese. I speak Japanese. Aki does not speak English. I do hear mix stories of whether or not Happy Berry takes non-Japanese speakers, but the people who work there have always been very friendly with me and when I show up, they always give me high fives and all that. Plus, the short pudgy guy is an MMA fan and when he sees me wear an MMA brand related shirt like Tap Out or Affliction he gets excited and during wait time, we do talk about martial arts. Sometimes when there is a fight on TV, he will change the channel and while waiting, we watch it together.

Session Length/Fee:
55 minutes 12,000 yen (if you have platinum membership), platinum class girl 4000 yen selection fee, 2500 yen for hotel ai

Physical Description: Very small framed. Has a cute face and average tits for a Japanese woman. She does have a face that you wish you could cum over like you were Peter North with his ejaculation prowess. However, the pics on her profile conceal two tattoos. She has a dragon tattoo on her left thigh and a rose tattoo on the right side of her lower back. She does have smooth skin and a decent ass and nice legs. Also wears blue colored eye contacts. Homepage profile says she swallows when in fact she doesn't. Touts at the shop told me it was an error on the home page guy's part.

Details: If you want the short version, I refer to you to this song.

We took each other to the candy shop

The only platinum girl I ever had there was Kira. Her service was great but her figure wasn't my type (I like big tits and a firm and tight ass with a skinny frame)and I wanted to try someone like Aki. I called the service earlier in the day to book her before hand because she is relatively hard to book from what I understand. Thankfully they did. I arrived shortly before 8 to pay the fee and then had me wait for a brief period. Then I went to the hotel, waited for less than 20 minutes and she showed up. She looked pretty stunning. Then we got down to business in the shower and I saw she had two tattoos. I wasn't expecting them. I got nothing against tattoos but sometimes I find them distracting. Like could she be yakuza or something?

Then we got to bed, made out and licked each other. She licked my legs, my inner thighs to get me ready. It was making me harder than I already was. Her licking my inner thighs was good enough to make me cum. Her touch was very soft and smooth and her hands are pretty tiny. Then she did the deed and just got down on my cock. Her mouth is small so expect some unfortunate teeth contact. She was nice enough to apologize and reminded me that her mouth was too small for me (wasn't my first time this has happened. I don't mind getting bitten if for reasons such as this and I do appreciate that the girl goes out of her way to apologize) and I told her she could slow down and if I felt comfortable she could work faster. Eventually, her mouth was working like a hydro pump and had no incidents after that. I could feel why she was a platinum ranked girl. This was the kind of blow I was hoping I could cum to and hope she would swallow. Then it came to the point that I blew all over her mouth. I will admit it was satisfying but to me, she is a girl I would only have a one night stand with.

After that, we hit the shower and just rubbed all over each other. Then I helped her get dress and that was it.

I didn't ask for FS nor did she offer it. I don't dwell over that.

Well, I say she is only worth trying once. She isn't 100% my type. She's nice. In terms of looks, I say she is gold but in terms of service she is platinum. To me, tattoos, depending on the design and where they are placed can be a distraction and makes it hard for me to concentrate. But that's just me. If tattoos don't bother you, I guess it will work out for you better than it did for me.

Communication skills are one thing, but ultimately, living here long enough and becoming street smart will go much longer when wanting to be involved in using these services. I will admit I am not the greatest people person, I just like to consider myself showing up at the right place at the right time, or just being "that guy," I don't know, but I do get lucky.


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Sep 25, 2013
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Thanks for the great review Johnnyboy84, I intend to become a good customer of Happy Berry.