Akina Or Maya Nasy Dolls


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Aug 5, 2010
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Has anyone had a chance to meet these ladies? I am very curious and interested. Still doubting the "20ish" age stamp
Tae tells me that Akina is young and in her 20's with more tattoos than the pictures lead you to believe.

Hope that helps
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This is not a review. Please post in the appropriate place in the future.

Thanks for the intel, GN!
If anyone is interested I have. She is good with a nice "Hiromi" type body with quite a few tats. Small breast, cute overdone Harajuku girl face and style, sexy legs and ass well worth doggy. No PSE but a kind of GFE if you want to try a "Japanese Black Girl" wannabe. I think she is sexy but sex was good but not great! Did I mention her body is super fit? Well worth a try you might like the change.