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CLUB39 (SL) Alice (ありす) – The Legendary Squirting Goddess (伝説の潮吹き女神)


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Dec 21, 2016
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Alice (ありす) – The Legendary Squirting Goddess (伝説の潮吹き女神)

Soapland Name:
Club 39

Soapland Provider Name:
Alice (ありす) -

Soapland Website:

Appointment Length & Costs:
120 minutes - 56,000 Yen

Booking Method:
Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
June 2024

Incall Soapland Provided Room

Language Notes:
English/Japanese Mix

Narrative of the Encounter:
[Disclaimer: I'm Asian (Chinese descent) and can speak basic (i.e. crappy) N3-level Japanese]

Now, I'm no stranger to soaplands, but all my previous encounters so far have been walk-ins where I'd try to see who was available on the spot. This time though, I wanted to try a different approach so I attempted to make a reservation first.

I'm sure that the old-timers here might scoff at this, but for someone who has never tried to make a reservation before, it was a pretty nerve-wracking experience since I had no idea what the booking etiquette in Japanese was like, and I have absolutely no clue what I should do or say if I needed to call up the shop to make the reservation. Also, pretty much every girl and/or shop has their own booking processes, so it wasn't that straightforward to find a girl/shop where I probably would not screw up.

After doing my research on this site, I decided to go with Alice (ありす) from Club 39, since she is very well-reviewed and the other reviewers have given me an idea of how to arrange the booking without a Japanese phone number.

So about a week before my planned visit, I reached out to Alice via Twitter DM to ask if she was available on the date/time I requested, and she quickly replied that she was. I sent my initial introductory message in English just to make it clear up-front that I was a foreigner, but all my subsequent messages to Alice and the shop were all in basic Japanese.

Alice then sent me the price list and I opted for the 120 minutes course. She was quick to confirm and helped to book the slot with the shop. The price list which she showed me is as per below:


One day before the date, I sent another message to Alice to confirm my booking and she told me to contact the store on day itself via LINE to confirm as well. So the next day, I messaged the shop via LINE to verify that I would indeed be dropping by later in the evening, and to request for a pick-up from Minowa station. For those unaware, Club 39 offers a pick-up and drop-off service to/from Minowa station, so you don't have to walk directly to the shop.

Club 39 quickly replied that there would not be any issue and I was told to wait at the pick-up location 15 minutes before the scheduled booking. The shop clearly stated the time, pick-up location, as well as the vehicle model, colour, and plate number via LINE so it wasn't something I had to worry about thankfully.

So 15 minutes before the scheduled booking, I stood at the pick-up location and it wasn't long before the vehicle showed up. The driver confirmed my name to ensure that I was the correct customer, and then we waited for another customer to show up.

Now, I normally don't like to talk shit about others, but I'm gonna digress a little. Personally, I'm not a fan of over-dressing or flashy clothes, but if I know I'm gonna be seeing a lady, at the very least I try my best to dress and look clean ya know? So I was pretty shocked that the other person we were waiting for showed up and he was probably the most homeless-looking Japanese customer I have ever seen. Dude showed up with long, shaggy, unkempt/unwashed hair and beard, an old Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. FLIP-FLOPS, for goodness's sake omg. But who knows, this Japanese dude might be rich and wealthy enough to not care about what society thinks so I'll just stop here.

It was a quick drive to the shop, where I confirmed my appointment and made the payment at the reception. Now, I didn't bother to compare with the price list on their website, so I wasn't sure if the price quoted to me included gaijin tax. Although, I did see a sign in English at the reception that all foreigners would be subject to an additional fee, so who knows. I was fine with the price so I didn't really bother to ask or find out.

After waiting for a few minutes in the waiting room, I was brought out to meet Alice, and we entered the room. I'm not sure if they had done any renovations in the recent years, but I was pretty surprised to see that a supposed mid-range shop like this has the cleanest and newest looking rooms out of all the soaplands that I have visited thus far. Even the high-end ones (>=90k yen) that I had visited in the past looked way older and shabbier than this.

Alice and I introduced each other in the room where we began the session. I can confirm that her pictures on the website and Twitter are accurate enough (though if you see her recent pictures her hair is dyed blond now), so that is great. and It was incredibly easy to see why she is so well-reviewed. Alice has an incredibly bright and charming personality and would constantly joke around to break the ice/tension. You can tell that she really enjoys what she is doing and does not hate her job at all. I can't remember if other reviewers have brought this up, but Alice is well aware of TAG and her reviews here. She asked me if found her over here, to which I admitted yes.

I opted to go with the mat play first and then the bed, since mat play is always a priority for me when I visit a soapland or any other mat play shop. For me, I can confirm that Alice's mat play is fantastic and does indeed live up to the hype. As she slid and rubbed all around me on the mat, she would moan and squirt all around the place as well. In fact, we had so much fun on the mat that we kinda spent too much time on it 😅, which didn't leave much time left for the second round on the bed.

After finishing the first round on the mat, we only had like maybe 20 minutes left, so since that wasn't enough time for me to recharge and go again, I suggested that maybe I could try to get her off instead on the bed. Alice taught me how to finger her the way she likes it and it didn't take long for her to squirt again.

Once the time was up, we cleaned up one last time and kissed each other goodbye. After which, I was ushered to the same car again where they dropped me off back at Minowa station.

Review Independence: Was this review requested by the Soapland?:
Yes, this review was requested by the shop.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
As always, YMMV but for my encounter, Alice did indeed live up to the hype which others have shared over here. While I did intend to write about my experience from the start and it wouldn't have affected my review, Alice did send me a follow-up DM on Twitter to thank me for my patronage and to write a review if possible, so I think I should mention this just in case this matters to anyone.
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